About Us

This website outlines Cobham's capabilities which, in close co-operation with both government and military customers, can significantly enhance their ability to meet future challenges of helicopter operations. Cobham's solutions include the provision of innovative contracting models, seamless capability delivery and a highly skilled, experienced and capable team. Cobham plays a vital role today in providing a global helicopter capability which ranges from the provision of helicopters, aircrew, infrastructure, training and maintenance.

As examples, Cobham has responsibility for full capability provision for the UK MOD Defence Helicopter Flying School which annually trains over 200 students, provides aircrew, helicopters and maintenance support for both law enforcement operations of the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard  and Search and Rescue operations of the RAF’s 84 Squadron in Cyprus.
Helicopter operating conditions can be very challenging and this is no exception today. Our helicopters and staff are available to meet these challenges and contribute to increased government and military helicopter capability, ensuring high levels of safety, reliability and maintainability whilst being responsive and flexible to changing demands.

I am convinced that working with Cobham represents a significant opportunity for enhanced capability and value for money, and our team is poised to move forward to fulfil your needs.

Peter Richardson

Cobham Aviation Services, Helicopter Services

Managing Director